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Peter Waugh
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I've been working out with Mr. K since the day Journey opened up - currently 3 mornings a week before work. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that that hour with him is often the highlight of my day. I look forward to it...often jumping out of bed in anticipation of it. And just to be clear - I'm currently 49 and only started working out 4 years ago, so it's not like I've been some maniacal workout fiend all my life. Mr. K makes it that much fun and makes you feel that good about what you've done for yourself...all without being pushy or overly aggressive. He does a phenomenal job varying the exercises so it's never boring, and constructing them so that each person is able to push themselves to the extent they are able/want to.
I'm in better shape at 49 than I was at 29 and it doesn't feel like a hardship at all. I highly recommend Journey Martial Arts/Mr K for anyone who is looking to improve their overall level of fitness via a friendly, personable environment where everyone is just looking to better themselves with no other pretenses.

Mohan Rokkam
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Mr. K (Farzad) is an amazing instructor who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed with his warm smile while kicking butt! I have taken a self defense course with him as well as fitness classes and I can tell you that he is an amazing teacher.

All my friends know that I hate exercise. I believed that if you never exercised, your body would never need to store fat :-D. But Mr. K would encourage me to try out his classes. So, I took up the challenge and his regimen resulted in the fittest me that I had ever known. I was eating better, feeling energized and I was experiencing endorphins in a way that I had never known. I HIGHLY recommend Journey Martial Arts! Go on, get off your backside! It is worth it :-)

Susanne Harrington
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Mr K. and the whole Journey team have been a key part of our son's life for three + years. In addition to the martial arts skills he's now mastered, they have helped teach our child about self-sufficiency, respect, integrity, hard work, failure, grit, and other key life lessons, They adapted to the challenges of Covid with creativity and flexibility and offered families like us a welcome bit of continuity in otherwise chaotic times. Their dedication to instilling kids with confidence and self respect is admirable. No matter how far our son makes it along his own training journey, we know his time with Mr. K and the great teachers at JMA will have been integral to his long term success. We consider them part of our family's team.

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